Vip Loyalty Programs

Online casino VIP programmes are a must for operators. This kind of programmes is dedicated to a limited number of selected players. They are fairly similar across operators in terms of offers and selection process of the players. So here is what a privilege program can offer you:

  • Personal VIP Account Manager
  • Bespoken deals
  • Faster payouts
  • Lower wagering requirements
  • Higher deposit limits
  • VIP pass
  • Gifts and Presents

It is fair to say that a casino has not rewarded you until you are part of a VIP programme. In the privilege programme, the casino will know your pattern already, and you will have it all tailored according to your desires: exclusive deals, exclusive bonuses, unique trips, exclusive invitations etc.

What is a VIP Programme or a Privileged Programme?

They are programmes designed to find, retain and reward extraordinary casino players. This type of players is selected by casino among others based on their playing patterns, deposits, time spent with the casino and wagering. New VIP programmes these days use a point system design to encourage you to gamble more to get points so that you can climb the ladder faster and systematically be upgraded and downgraded according to your activity. From this perspective, casinos have a similar loyalty programme to the ones we encounter in other industries. Thus, they have been designed to maintain loyal casino players and high rollers from shifting to another casino.

How do I become a VIP player?

There are three ways of becoming a VIP programme member. First, the easiest way of becoming a privilege programme member is by joining a new casino. Most new online casinos use this as a value-added and strive to increase their retention through it.

Second, getting recommended by an existing VIP player. Online casinos encourage current VIP players to recommend possible friends for the VIP programme. After the casino evaluates you, it decides if it grants or denies you the VIP membership.

The last one mentioned is the most common method used to grant memberships. US casinos evaluate player patterns, the regularity of the player and longevity in the casino to separate the loyal players from the crowd.

High rollers are usually spotted by casinos early based on how much they wager and their deposits. This type of player is specially cared for by casinos, in some cases even inviting them to unofficial VIP programmes. This makes the programmes even more special and exclusive than the advertised ones, as only a selected few get to existence them.

Furthermore, let’s talk about examples of online casino VIP programmes. In essence there three types of privileged programmes that are the most common to casinos: the tiered VIP programme, awards structures VIP programmes and unofficial VIP programme.

The tiered VIP programme or the classical casino VIP programme it’s the most widespread privilege programme in the US. It usually comes in 5 levels, but some newer casinos developed it up to 10 levels. The most common tier names used are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. It offers players privileges according to the level they are at in the form of free spins, free money, cashback and win match bonuses. The percentage of the bonus alters according to your tier.

The awards VIP programme is similar in concept, but the advancement is made in the belt you are holding, award and even action heroes. The progress in the level is based on the amount of wagering and performance.

Last, the unofficial VIP programme it’s tailored for High rollers. Online casinos pay special attention to their highest wagering players. They count on a tight connection between the players and the account manager to provide bespoken deals, gifts and other incentives.

Keep in mind that every casino has its system of upgrading the players and counting VIP points. Some casinos have a wagering based model while others prefer a deposit based one.

The wagering-based system is established on you wagering or how much money you flutter, meaning if you wager $10 you receive 1 point. The amount of points you get for wagering the same $10 at a different level will differ, in some cases, it might be even double. Besides, the contribution is affected by the type of games you play. For example, casino games or table games can have a lower contribution in many cases than slot games. However, this is always different from operator to operator.

In the deposit-based model, your VIP status depends on the total amount for the deposit you have made. This cumulative outlook is time-limited. Thus, the number of deposits that you made in a given time interval, such as 3-6 months only contribute.

Both models have their plus and minuses. We would say that the most significant advantage of the deposit-based model is that if you are a casino games enthusiast, it will not affect you. On the other hand, the wager-based model offers more excitement and entertainment then the former due to the visible progress you make.

What kind of bonuses and rewards can I expect from a VIP programme?

King Casino Bonuses reviewed a couple of casinos from the United States to see the type of VIP bonuses they offer. As we expected VIPs get rewarded for their loyalty towards the casino with generous bonuses. Thus, we have listed below the most common used VIP bonuses we found online today.

  • Match bonuses – Yes, it is the same thing as you experience as a regular player. They are presented in the privilege programmes at times as VIP Bonus, High roller bonus, Monthly VIP bonus or Weekly VIP bonus. However, they are nothing more than a reload match bonus like the ones we are already used to. However, there is a distinction as usually the VIP bonuses come with a more generous match and a better wagering requirement.
  • Free Bonuses – this type of bonuses are gifts from the operator to you. They come in the form of Free Spins or Free Cash, and they are allocated to you when you reached your targets. They come in the form of performance bonuses, level up bonuses or level maintenance bonuses.

VIP rewards: in this category, King Casino bonuses looked at the incentives that online casinos give to their players. These are just freebies form the casinos that are not contingent on your actions such as depositing or wagering. Let’s take a look bellow at the most common type of such bonuses among US casinos.

  • Cashback – one of the must-have elements in a privileged programme. Cashback bonuses are one of high rollers’ favourite treats from casinos and have a fantastic retention power. The way this bonus works is that it gives you a certain percentage of the money, let’s say 10% on your loses. If these bonuses come with wagering or not is different from casino to casino. From our experience, for VIP players most of the time they come without these conditions.
  • Gifts – These are free presents you get from casinos on different occasions such as anniversaries, level upgrade gifts, VIP gifts, weekly loyalty gifts and many more. Many of these gifts are based on your preference and established in a discussion wiith the account manager. Account managers often set up targets for players for more substantial gifts such as trips and electronics. This target is set on wagering or deposited amount per week or month. Thus, this type of reward is preferred among high rollers which often avoid the hassle of bonuses and prefer to play reel money only.

To sum up, you can spot the best casinos VIP Programmes by looking at the offers they have for their players. Some of the most appreciated features by high rollers are faster money withdrawals, cashback rewards and personal account managers.