Best 33 Casinos with Fast Payout in 2021


We present you a strategies and tactics guide regarding the way to select a fast withdrawal casino. You can use it to apply these tips on the arepasandempanadasdistrict offers provided below. When we have hand-picked the platforms, we've investigated the KYC procedure have on them, and if there are any related fees.

In addition to this, we've also considered delicate situations when the chosen site refuses to pay and how you can avoid such problems.

So, what’s next?

We invite all Brits who are in search of quick withdrawal casino to use the steps below. Thanks to these, you can make your choice of the best gaming site and the offers that come with it.

How to demand your withdrawal

A simple step-by-step guide

The withdrawal process is a very important one on any online casino in the United States you may join. Even if you opt for a same day withdrawal casino, the steps you need to take to get your funds remain the same. They are slightly different than the ones for deposit, but you do it from the same page on the casino – the cashier.

Here is a quick and simple guide to help you navigate this process and get your funds as soon as possible!

How to demand your withdrawal

Please continue reading to find out details about:

  • How to request a money withdrawal from your account;
  • Knowing details about the waiting time;
  • How to receive the gaming funds you have requested.

Request a cashout

To do this, one must head to the cashier section and select a method.

Do you have to be careful?


We recommend you check out the terms and conditions of the chosen fast payout casino thoroughly because it might have certain limits imposed.

Be aware: Platforms usually limit the player to request a withdrawal via the same method used for depositing.

Processing time

The cashout processing time contains two different timeframes. The first one is the time the casino staff needs to verify and manually approve your request. This is required for safety reasons and ensures both your protection and the casino’s.

The second is the time the chosen cashout method required time to process and deliver your payment. Depending on the option you have chosen, this may vary from a couple of minutes to even a week, in the case of Bank Transfers.

However, by selecting any of the casinos we have in our list here, you will benefit from the fastest withdrawal.

Tips: Players should know that on the list compiled here, only same-day withdrawal casinos have been selected.

Receive your funds

Once the user has gone through the first two steps and its request has been submitted and verified, the amount generated from game-play shall be credited.  Is that always the case?

There might also be situations when the funds are not granted. For such cases and how to avoid them, we call to all gamers to read carefully our other sections.

The untapped guide related to fast withdrawal casinos

If you are a new player, this is the withdrawal guide you need. Our experts explain in a simple way the aspects you need to keep in mind when joining a fast cashout casino. These are also useful if you are already an experienced gamer, so keep on reading!

You are invited to read more and find out more on the following topics:

  1. The KYC procedures and the difference they make in cashouts.
  2. What sums will trigger additional verification, slowing the withdrawal processing time.
  3. Some hints regarding getting paid faster at a casino.

Interested in what is next?

Please keep on reading!

fast withdrawal casinos

How can the KYC procedure influence instant withdrawals sites

KYC stands for Know Your Customer or Know Your Client. This process is used by online casinos and other businesses to gather and verify information about their users. Its purpose is to give the casino a good understanding of who their audience and target are, as well as offer a certain level of protection against underage gambling, scammers, and other dangers.

This procedure generally involves providing gambling platforms with certain documents that prove the identity, age and address.

Most sites will ask for:

  • ID form such as passport, driver license, birth certificate or national citizenship ID card.
  • Proof of address. It can be either a utility bill, but no older than three months or a government-sent letter.
  • Source of funds such as scans or images of the debit card, bank statement, recent payslips, evidence of pension or some websites may also allow the proof of winnings from another online gaming website.

Tips: For a faster processing time provide all the KYC documents upon registration and make sure that they are visible.

Be aware: Sums over $1000 will trigger additional verifications, but this amount varies from one platform to another.

Important: Not completing the KYC before requesting a withdrawal will keep your request pending until you provide the documentation, and it is verified by the casino staff. We advise you to go through the KYC right after registration to be able to truly benefit from the same day cashout casino.

Strategies on how to get paid faster at a casino

Specific aspects must be considered when choosing a banking option. We have compiled below some hints that may come in handy.

Read the terms and conditions for instant payouts at casinos carefully

Reading the Terms and Conditions of any online casino you sign up on is a good idea at all times. However, it is even more important when you are interested in fast withdrawals. Here, you will be able to find all the rules and conditions you have to meet in order to cash out funds. Not knowing these may lead to unexpected delays.

Check out the withdrawal policy

One must also take under advisement that besides the time it takes for a gaming platform to process the cashout, there is also a processing time that depends on the chosen banking option.

Tips: The bank slows down the processing time until the cash arrive in the account, not the quick withdrawal casino.

Let's take into consideration the below table:

Payment Method

Fast payout casino average processing time

Banking option average processing time

Total time taken to receive the funds


Within 24 hours

1-5 days

Up to 6  days

Visa/ Mastercard

Within 24 hours

3-5 days

Up to 6 days


Within 24 hours

1-3 days

Up to 4 days


Within 24 hours

Within 24 hours

Up to 2 days

Even though a player has joined such a platform, if it chooses a payment option such as PayPal, it will take up to 6 days until he can receive the funds. Why is that?

The reason is quite simple. It will take the gaming website 24 hours to verify the request and the identity documents provided that they have all been successfully uploaded upon registration.

After the online platform has processed the payout, it will take the banking service up to 5 days to also verify it. Lastly, the funds will arrive in the account in 6 days.

Payout amount

Why is that important?

The amount of money could affect how quickly punters can receive the funds. Most online casinos have a limit on how much one may cash out at a time.

Are there any fees involved when you request a payout?

In some cases, online casinos will charge a fee for withdrawals. There are not many that have this policy, but those that have it do not impose high fees. This information will be available for you to see in the Terms and Conditions or in the cashier section of the website.

In addition, in certain situations, the payment method you opt for may come with its own transaction fees, so make sure you check that out before you choose a method.

On the other hand, that specific online site will have to pay the RGD, Remote Gaming Duty in sterling. The charged fee will be a percentage of the profit.

Interesting fact:

  1. As of April 2019, all gaming websites, also including fast withdrawal casino platforms, must pay an RGD of 21% of their profits.
  2. Because of these taxes that gaming operators must pay, the US market has generated in 2017 more than $2.7bn from casino games and sports betting.

Furthermore, according to a report made by USGC, the online gaming industry represents a third of the overall market. Out of this, slots have the highest charts with a gross gambling yield of $2.6bn only made in 2017.

Words of advice about rare gambling laws

There are laws that shaped and influenced online casinos with instant withdrawal in the US and our experts explain each one of them below for you, regardless of your level of experience. However, before we proceed, it is imperative we discuss the Gambling Commission, a very important authority when it comes to the United States gambling environment.

The topics that we touched upon were:

  • The organization itself;
  • The laws that they pass.

The reason for doing this is to illustrate punters how the organization was implemented and what are the objectives. Furthermore, we shall also elucidate how the enforced laws are made in the players' favour.

US Gambling Commission

This is an organization that has been made with only one objective in mind, to ensure that Brits have a safe environment when engaging in a session.

They have been around the United States e-gaming market since 2005 under the Gambling Act 2005 and assumed power in 2007 over various industries such as arcade, betting, casinos, slots machines and lotteries.

Interesting fact: USGC also has responsibility for remote gambling which consists of online betting, by telephone and by other communication devices.

USGC laws you should know about

There are some gambling laws you should know about, as they are very important for your safety. These are meant to protect you from gambling addiction, fraud, scams, and even prevent underage gambling, which is a major problem in the United States.

Below we shall offer more details about the ones that have been recently made.

Reverse withdrawals

This feature was initially implemented by most platforms to help players extend their session. By using this facility, users would have at their disposal the chance to change their decision to end the session and can prevent spending more on it than was initially intended.

What changed?

The Commission has banned the use of this feature in May 2020. Playing responsibly is one of the main objectives of this organization.

Thus, with the help of academic research and expert advice, the Commission has concluded that reverse withdrawals might be considered as a red flag.

Recommendation: For further information about playing responsibly, we have compiled a page where we've provided various organizations that offer advice to individuals.

Credit Cards

Another law that has been implemented is to prohibit the use of credit cards when making a deposit.

Usually, a fast withdrawal casino would offer credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard because its processing time was within 24 hours. However, as of April 2020, these platforms had to stop offering such banking options.

What was the context of this ban?

In an article stated by the US Gambling Commission, it was pointed out that 24 million people in Great Britain are gambling with 10.5 million of them using online gaming websites. From those users, 800.000 are using credit cards when engaging in a session.

Seeing how many gamers use this banking option, the ban may seem reasonable. The main issue, however, is the fact that the same institution states that 22% of these players are problem gamblers. Therefore, this ban is supposed to help problem gamblers limit or give up gambling altogether.

What was the reaction?

However, for Brits, this decision was not rejected, but it was supported. Based on the below table, 1844 US users have participated where 84% of them did not have any complaint about this prohibition.

Credit Cards uk


Operators must show transparency when offering e-wallets. Furthermore, they must make sure that it has additional safety layers to forbid users to use e-wallets via a credit card. In data provided by RGA, it can be seen that 11% of gamers fund their account using these options.

However, neither the USGC nor platforms know precisely what proportion of 11% emanates from credit cards. But, to ensure the safety of all players Finetech bank Revolut has suspended its service to and from gaming websites to be in accordance with the Gambling Commission.

Recommendation: When playing at a gaming site in the US, players can choose other payment methods such as PayPal, Boku or Pay by phone instead of the prohibited ones.

Did the casino not pay you?

The most important steps to take

Your money is very important and online casinos in the United States do their best to protect it. Their security measures vary from one platform to the other and some offer more than others. Of course, the main way in which you can rely on a gaming site to protect you and your money is by playing at a fully licensed and regulated online casino, especially if the licensing authority is USGC.

These are the three levels of protection United States casinos offer when it comes to your funds:

  1. Sites that do not protect the funds.
  2. Medium protection where the members' money is being kept in a separate account.
  3. Casinos with high protection level held the gamblers funds in an account that is legally kept from the rest of the company. Usually, this account is under the protection of an independent person or an external auditor.

The layers mentioned above are used to safeguard the gamblers funds in case the site that they have joined announces that the business has become insolvent.

Tips: Even though one joins a casino with quick withdrawal, he must read that platforms general T&C to make sure that it will pay in case of insolvency.

Has this ever happened before?

A concrete example

We have drawn attention to this case based on the event that has happened with MoPlay online casino. Since the gaming operator has announced that the business has become insolvent, it couldn't process any withdrawals.

What does that mean?

It means that the members couldn't get paid. In the above tip, we have mentioned that the players must read the terms of conditions before joining a platform.

Why is that important?

That is because in MoPlay's T&C under the Clause 9 it was stated that even though the users' money shall be kept in different bank accounts, they do not guarantee that they will return those specific funds.

What should you do in such cases?

If it happens to you to not be paid by the online casino you have played at, there are actions you can take. First of all, you have to get in touch with the customer support and ask for explanations. If you are unsatisfied with the response and wish to take further action, here is who you can contact:

  1. Gambling Commission;
  2. IBAS (Betting Adjudication Service);
  3. Tell us everything about it by leaving a comment on the dedicated page.

Same day withdrawal closing info

Through this page, we wanted to show gamers that when choosing such gambling websites, some particular aspects must be given extra attention. Which things are we talking about?

  1. Reading the withdrawal policy carefully;
  2. Reading the terms and conditions;
  3. Selecting the payment methods attentively

All these can make the difference on how to get paid faster at a casino.

However, one must also note the changes that are continually being made by the Gambling Commission, such as the prohibition of credit cards or reverse withdrawals. We and our gambling experts team do our best to keep you up to date with any changes that may appear both in regard to the casinos you find here and any modifications to the legal aspects of gambling in the United States.

Through this guide, gamblers can now know the way to select an instant withdrawal casino from the US using the particularities that we've provided and what to do in case a gaming operator refuses to pay. Based on the research and analyses done, we have put together a list of offers. 


  • Why has the casino not approved the cashout request?

There are three main reasons when the platform denies the request.

  1. The wagering conditions have not been successfully met.
  2. The necessary documents for the KYC procedure have not been all uploaded, or the photos used are unclear.
  3. There is a breach in the terms and conditions. For this reason, we recommend the gamer to check out carefully this page before requesting a cashout. There might be additional conditions besides the ones mentioned above, that must be met.
  • What does it mean when the payout is in a pending period?

It means that the online gaming site has seen the request made for the cashout and is checking to see if all conditions have been met.

Based on our statistics and our analysis, the average pending time for an instant payout casino is 24 hours.

  • Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings generated from a gambling session?

It must also be noted that gambling winnings generated from slots or any other game type aren't taxable in the US market by the gamer. It does not matter if one has generated from the gambling session as low as $100 or as high as $1 million, he won't have to pay any taxes.

  • Is the withdrawal processed made in a specific time frame?

Usually, gaming sites that offer instant payouts work 24/7. Even so, there are cases when some gambling operators don't allow withdrawal requests to be processed at night or on weekends. It is something that depends on the internal rules of each operator and if its financial staff is working 24/7.

Methodology and References

The reasons why we have compiled the above guide was to answer the question to all punters about the true meaning of the fastest withdrawal casinos.

We've systematically designed this page based on surveys, documents and records, laws, content analysis, actual experiences and examples to obtain valid and reliable results.

Based on everything we have investigated have put together the list of bonuses that come from instant withdrawal casinos.

List of all fast payout casinos in the US

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