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Here is where you are going to find everything you need to know about live casino sites in the US. Our experts bring you insights about how these work and how to use them to have a great experience in a safe environment. The information here is delivered in a simplistic way, to be accessible for both experienced and beginner players. Therefore, regardless of your previous experience, you will find useful information here.

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What is a live casino?

What is a live casino final

Live casinos are the ones that can offer you an experience as close to the real one in a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment, but accessible from anywhere you may be. These use top-notch technology to be able to provide you with HD live-streaming of real games which you can interact with in real time.

However, the entire process of how data is converted and finally reaching you is more complex.

To elucidate how live dealer sites work, let’s move to the next section.

How live casino works?

When you open a live casino session, the first thing that you will see will be the dealer. It is a real person who acts in real-time. Hence, the dealer’s activity is broadcasting continuous in real-time using live streaming.

Besides the fact that this technology is used, the actions itself is also converted into data and processed using OCR, Optical Character Recognition software. This system processes all the cards, symbols, wheel numbers, and so on, collects its data, and finally shows the results on the screen.

How can OCR improve the live session?

Thanks to the OCR software, the live gaming session is not merely broadcasted, but rather is interactive. Based upon the data that OCR analysis, the winners and the ones who lose are announced almost instantly. Therefore, players will receive the same sense of authenticity that a land-based on offers.

For a casino to live-stream a game, other things are required besides the advanced technologies. In order for everything to run perfectly, casinos invest resources into professional cameras and employees to operate them, a pit boss, and even an information technology manager.

Tips: A proper Bandwidth will guarantee a great session and seamless streaming. The critical concept measures the data amount, which is transferred from one point to another via a network in a particular amount of time.

Are live casinos set up?

We only present you with trustworthy and fair online casinos. Our team of experts thoroughly verify them before adding them to our lists. These are not only verified by us, they are also constantly put through audits conducted by authorized companies. They are also fully licensed and regulated by strict authorities.

Besides this, our team is trained to analyse and test a site, prior to presenting it to you. Our investigation does not only consist of checking the dealer games, promotions or VIP catalogue. We take things further and check to see how reasonable the general terms are as it is a binding contract, how intuitive the platform is if the casino operator was ever fined by USGC, etc.

All of these to ensure that you will have a smooth session.

Best live casino list

best live casino list

We’ve picked up the best live casino sites and present them to you. There are several different sites out there, but we've compared only the best.

Brand NameNo. of ProvidersNo. of Online Casino GamesGame Types
NetBet36+1000Online Slots, Live Dealer, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Jackpots, Card Games
Leo Vegas35+750Online Slots, Bingo, Live dealer, Table games
Paddy Power Games13+400Live casino, Bingo, Poker, Lottery
888casino9+350Live dealer, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Online Slots

Tips: This is just a preview of our online casino database. Check out the full list below!

What makes a live casino site best?


What makes a live casino site best

We have compared the industry’s best live casinos in the US and balanced the features that make a site top. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of such websites.

Best software providers

There are many software providers that create Live Casino games, but a platform needs to collaborate with the best ones to be considered a top site. We have analyzed what each one has to offer, and we have created a list of the biggest names when it comes to the creation of these highly entertaining games:

Software ProviderNo. of GamesVisit
Evolution Gaming22777casino, William Hill, Playzee
Netent Live6Netent Casinos
Pragmatic Play4Betfred, bgo Casino, Grosvenor
Microgaming5Microgaming Casinos
Playtech12Playtech Casinos

According to the research our team has made, these five providers are must for a gaming website. However, we must emphasise the fact that it is usually challenging to highlight what game provider is the finest, due to the fact that the measurements are personal for your and as well as for the casino operator.

However, we have presented Evolution Gaming, Netent, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, and Playtech based on the following characteristics.

Features of a good software provider:

  • Quality streaming;
  • Great and unique player experience;
  • Innovative titles.

Live casino games

When it comes to the live dealer titles, it is easily understood that casino operators offer products such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and their derivates. Hence, the game catalogue can be quite limited.

Nevertheless, what makes these titles attractive is that players can enjoy a live session that simulates an authentic land-based casino experience, from the comfort of their home.

The tables come with bet limits, but they can be flexible. If you are just starting, you should join a table with a low minimum bet, while if you are an experienced high roller, you have the option to join tables with higher stakes.

Be aware: The game provider usually sets live table limits. However, these can also be influenced by a casino operator.

Let’s take a look at the average limits.

Live Casino lobby table limits

Online CasinosLive Roulette Live Blackjack Live Baccarat
Grosvenor$0.10- $10.000$0.50 - $10.000$0.20- $15.000
888casino$0.10- $10.000$0.50- $5.000$0.20- $15.000
LeoVegas$0.10- $20.000$5- $5.000$0.20- $20.000

As you can see, the limits are quite similar with little exceptions.

Now, let’s take a look at the minimum and maximum bet you can make

Betting limits

Live casino gamesSoftware providerMin BetMax BetEnjoy at
Arabic RouletteEvolution Gaming$1$10.000777casino
Common Draw BlackjackNetent$1$500BetVictor
Live Hi-LoPlaytech$1$600Ladbrokes

We’ve presented three cases with different dealer games and of course, different suppliers. As you can see, the betting limits can vary. Hence, it depends on you what game you want to choose.

Nevertheless, we must point out that the operators you will discover in our casino library are suitable for both low and high rollers. When we’ve started our mission, we had in mind aspects that can apply to both types of players, giving them the possibility to choose.

Recommendation: In the casino review we present, our professionals will highlight the betting limits so that you can know beforehand what to expect from an operator. If you still need to explore more sites, please do not refrain from browsing our database. We will update this list regularly, hence giving you unlimited possibilities.

How to review best live casinos in the US

How can we help you?

It’s simple and fast to analyse a first-rate iGaming operator. To teach you how to best compare such site, allow us to present you the vital aspects we consider when we review a website.

It is not easy to choose a gaming site, especially when we present you with multiple top-notch options. Therefore, we encourage you to ask yourself some questions after checking some platforms out. Depending on your answer to these questions, you will know what to do next. Here are some of the most important questions you might want to ask:

  1. How intuitive is the interface?

The first interaction you will have with an iGaming website is its interface. Take a good look at it, at its colour pallet if it's disturbing or wearing your eyes.

Another essential aspect you must concentrate on is the registration process.

Why? Well, to answer this question, let us take you through a guided imagery exercise.

Suppose you want to become a member for Queen Elizabeth Casino (a fictional platform). Still, while filling the blanks, you encounter certain troubles. For example, you cannot upload particular documents, or certain aspects regarding your personal information are unreasonable. That is when you should ask yourself if Queen Elizabeth Casino is indeed a platform which will answer your needs.

  1. Are the terms transparent and reasonable?

We understand the fact that no one reads the general terms which seems endless. However, we urge you to read them carefully. Think of them as a binding contract.

Surely, you don’t skip reading a share purchase agreement. Well, you mustn't avoid the general terms of a casino as well. By reading it, you will prevent delicate circumstances were the casino cancels your bonus, refuses to pay you, or even asks for unreasonable fees.

If you wish to better understand your rights or if you have to pay any taxes as a player, we’ve got you covered.

  1. How trustworthy is the casino operator?

We only have trustworthy casinos on our lists. However, in case you ever look for a platform outside our website, here are the two main aspects to look at and see if they are reliable or not:

  • The licence number: It must be a licence granted by the USGC, and it can be found at the of a site.
  • The padlock or lock icon: This indicates if a website is encrypted the SSL protocol.
  1. Do you have a wide selection of games to choose from?

The game lobby is as important as an operator’s trustiness.

Look it this way. If you don’t have a wide range of titles at your disposal, you will soon play all the products which you have at your disposal. This will only end with you getting tired of spinning the reels, turn the wheel, have the same conversation with the same live dealers.

  1. Does the support offer support?

Now, suppose you have a question regarding the payout methods. Let’s say that you want to make a transaction using PayPal, but there are certain conditions that you don’t understand regarding this banking method.

This is only one example of the myriad of situations in which you will need to get in touch with the support team. You need at least two communication channels, but most often you will find email, phone, and Live Chat. Then, the response time is very important as well as how helpful the answer is.

If the team is not trained to answer all your inquires, the frustration of not knowing how to solve your problem will leave you wanting to leave that particular site. This will end with you wasting time with a casino operator, instead of having a pleasant session.

Recommendation: Online casino sites with 24/7 support is ideal. Thus, no matter when you encounter a problem, you may receive additional support immediately. In each casino review, our experts provide you with a dedicated section where they explain the response time of the support and how effective they are.

  1. How can you achieve a better balance account?

It’s simple. You can increase your balance account with bonus codes. Hence, you must pay attention to the promotions section of each site.

It is important to have more than one bonus to choose from, as you may be looking for a particular type of deal, especially if you are experienced when it comes to gambling. The best part is that you can also find promotions attached to very popular or newly released titles and you can try them using the extra funds.

Recommendation: Our live casino offers library contains multiple promo types suitable for any kind of US player. To help you make a decision from which you can benefit, we also put at your disposal vital information about each incentive. So, read them carefully and let us be your guide in this industry. Furthermore, don’t forget that our list is not the final one as we continuously update our bonus codes database.

Let’s get into more details regarding what live casino bonuses are out there.

Live casino bonuses to play

Live casino bonuses to play

Explore the best live casino bonuses in the US through us. We’ve analysed and compared the industry's top live casino sites and selected only the best for you.

Throughout our professional research, we’ve discovered that certain types of bonuses apply to this game category. These are:

  • Bonuses with no deposits: this promotion requires no payment but it is only available to players who are registering. If you already have an account on the platform that offers it, you will not be able to claim it. This is a lucrative deal many United States players seek and it gives you the chance to try a game or a casino without risking your own money.

Tips: For a complete list of no deposit bonuses, we’ve got your back. Our experts have compiled a list with premium incentives, all tested and thoroughly analysed.

  • Live casino welcome bonus: The only difference between this offer and the no deposits mentioned above, is that it implies deposits to be made.

Tips: Browse through our full welcome bonus library and balance which one is suitable for you.

Premium live casino bonuses

Casino operatorTypes of BonusesAverage WageringMaximum Casino Withdrawal
LadbrokesWelcome, Free Spins40x≈$250.000
Jackpot VillageWelcome40xN/A
Generation VIPWelcome35xN/A
PocketWinNo deposit, Welcome40xNo limit
Wink SlotsNo deposit, Welcome30xN/A

Recommendation: When browsing for the perfect live casino offer for you, make sure that it has a playthrough requirement which ranges from 30 to 40x, as it is the industry’s average. If it goes above this range, it might impact your gameplay. Want to know how the wagering can influence your session? We already have an answer prepared.

Do’s & Don’ts

Live casinos


·       Know and understand the etiquette;

·       Respect the live dealer and the other players;

·       Chat with the croupier when in doubt;

·       Always start with an incentive;

·       Get in touch with the Pit Boss when in trouble.

·       Gamble responsibly.

·       Use an abusive language;

·       Bet more than you can afford.

Note: The Pit Boss or the Pit Manager is responsible for the supervision of live casino sessions. It ensures that the sessions operate within the proper rules and procedures. These include but are not limited to the way players are treated, and if the payoffs are managed correctly.

What you learned from us

You’ve reached the end of our informative page. But what you’ve acquired?

To put it simply, you now know:

  • Where to find the perfect offers;
  • How to effectively use our knowledge to review a site;
  • What you can and cannot do while playing at such platforms;
  • You’ve gained knowledge regarding how these platforms work;
  • You can identify the top gaming companies.

We urge all of you to check our live casino bonus page daily as our mission of providing you with the latest incentives never ends.


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