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Compare new online casino sites in 2021 and pick your best. From the latest trends to tips and fair solutions. It’s time to give you the power of knowledge!


Just added new online casinos in 2021

Just added new online casinos in 2021

The 9 Latest additions to our new casino database

Casino OperatorYear EstablishedLicenceNo. of Games
WinWindsor2021Alderney, USGC+1200
Lord Ping2020MGA, USGC+1000
QueenPlay2020USGC, MGA+560
Playluck2020USGC, MGA+720
MintBingo2020Gibraltar, USGC+550
Pizazz Bingo2020USGC, Gibraltar+632
Spinzaar2020USGC, Gibraltar+500
Lucky Thrillz2020MGA, USGC+900
PlayToro2020USGC, MGA+3000

What does new truly mean?

Let us clear any confusion!

A new online casino is not a site you access for the first time. Instead, it is a brand-new casino site in the United States that has recently been launched.

So, what are we going to provide you with is sites that have just appeared in this niche. Therefore, the list of new casino offers that we put at your disposal will never end.

How to recognise the best new online casino in 4 steps

How to recognise the best new online casino in 4 steps

Your ultimate guide to the industry’s latest additions!

Our newest online casino list contains only the best names in the industry. We made sure to test and verify each one of them. This way, you can enjoy a great experience!

But we cannot help but ask you:

Have you thought about how to recognise top-rated new online casino sites in the United States?

We work with many gambling experts who have the knowledge and the experience to test and verify online casino platforms and their features. After extensive testing and research, they conclude whether or not a new gaming site is a top-notch one. If it is, you are going to find it listed on this page.

Our aim is to offer you comprehensive and unbiased information on each platform through our reviews and offer presentations. With this, you can then make an informed and smart decision about which casino site to choose to have the most satisfying experience and truly enjoy your game time.

Let us be your guide in this vast industry and explain the four crucial aspects that you must look at.

Then, shall we begin?

Suppose you’ve set your mind on a 2021 casino. However, before you start proceeding to the registration and account verification process, ask yourself the following questions and try to answer them.

Important: All the platforms on this page are fully licensed and regulated by the US Gambling Commission. This means that your personal information and money will be safe at all times.

Question 1: Do you have many provider-based options at your disposal?

A vast number of software provider partnerships is necessary for a good gaming session.

Using our knowledge of the US industry, we know how some gamblers have a bias for big providers, like Microgaming or NetEnt. This is the reason why we curated a special list for them.

Microgaming casinos in the US come with unique gameplay, impressive graphics, and so many different themes. If you want to try something remarkable and popular, give one of them a try.

We also offer a selection of the best new NetEnt casinos for you to join. The top operators are waiting for you to pick them, create an account and start having fun. Check our list and make your choice!

Question 2: Do you have the chance to play on Android and iOS platforms?

Question 2 Do you have the chance to play on Android and iOS platforms

We live in the golden age of mobile. Thus, any reputable operator must optimise its new US casino on any portable device.

How can brand new casino sites optimise their desktop interface on mobile?

That is thanks to HTML5 technology.

With it, you have the opportunity to play your favourite games on your mobile phone or tablet.

The new online casinos you can find here have either a mobile version of their website or a mobile app found on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

When can you use them?

New mobile casino sites are here to steal the spotlight and keep you entertained whenever you're not able or willing to sit down at your computer. Whether you gamble laying comfortably on your sofa or while travelling around the country, they work the same.

You can also gamble on card and table games via your portable devices.  If you enjoy playing against real opponents, we have good news for you: you gain access to the Live Casino section too.

Recommendation: You can communicate with the croupier via the in-game chat and have the complete land-based casino experience wherever you are.

Why are these mobile casinos a catch?

They load very fast, and if you decide to download an app, it won't take up much of your storage space.

The graphics are impressive, and the entire user interface is designed to fit on your screen, no matter if we are talking about a tablet or a phone.

Tips: You won't experience any delay as long as your Internet connection is strong.

Do new casinos offer good bonuses?

Some of these new online casinos might even offer special promotions available only to mobile users. If you decide to become one of them, you will be able to enjoy the perks.

Question 3: Are there enough bonuses to combine with the game collection?

We know that this is something you’ve never thought of before. But, let us explain to you why it's necessary.

Let’s say that you’ve already become a member of a new online casino named Queen Elizabeth (it is a fictive casino created by us with the purpose to create a clear image). Fortunately, you have at your disposal over 1000 titles from different categories, which is excellent.

However, that specific platform only has available a single bonus, which can be claimed only once per account, customer, IP address, device, and so on.

Do you know what the average time of availability of a bonus is?

It is usually up to 30 days, obviously depending on the type of promotion.

Now, you can take your time and use it for a maximum period of time. But what’s next? You will have to use only the amount of money you fund your account and nothing more. Which in the end will be quite troublesome.

Now, do you see why you need various incentives?

As online gamblers ourselves, we know that bonuses are significant when it comes to picking a new casino.

These top new casino sites come with generous welcome packages specifically designed for you as a fresh player.

Why are new online casino 2021 bonuses useful?

They will kick-start your adventure and give you the chance to discover the platform. Once you enjoy this, the fun continues with reload offers, cashbacks and more.

Recommendations: We have a long list of fresh casinos, which includes verified names like:

  1. Generation VIP;
  2. GreenPlay Casino;
  3. Casushi;
  4. QueenPlay;
  5. Royal Bet;
  6. Chilli Casino.

Pick any one of these 6 options or make your own choice from the dozens of other reviews our team has created.

Question 4:  What is your payout processing time?

A new online casino with fast withdrawals is utterly essential.

You don’t know why?

Let us explain.

The processing time is the time that the casino operator takes in order to verify your withdrawal request. Therefore, it can be within 24 hours, which is ideal and is the one we recommend, or it can even take up to 3 business days.

This period of time is different for each new casino in the US.

Tips: To enjoy a quick cashout, combine a fast-withdrawal casino with an e-wallet. E-wallets will deliver your money faster than options such as Bank Transfer or Credit and Debit card.

Be aware: The casino's processing time must not be confused with the time until your funds reach your bank account.

So, how do you recognise a top brand new online casino with a fast payout?

First of all, browse through the casino reviews of our database. This is something we take into consideration when analysing a platform. The first reason is that it can influence your gaming sessions. The other is because not all platforms are transparent with this condition.

However, we also advise all of you to thoroughly check the terms and conditions of a site prior to funding the account. We don’t want you to create false expectations.

Where can you find top new casinos sites?

Where can you find top new casinos site

Right here! Our purpose is to become your trusted source of the latest brand new online casinos.

We have noticed that punters are looking for new online casinos, so we’re here to deliver. You can be sure that we brought you the best new US casinos on the market through our expert analysis.

How can we help you?

We are aware that the demand for new and better platforms is at an all-time high. Since we make an effort to be your trusted casino advisor, you have to look no further and pick a new online casino from arepasandempanadasdistrict.

Aside from the up-to-date information we have for you, we also offer filters on every page that can help you organize the promotions on the page according to your needs. This means you can choose to see the latest added or the ones with no wagering. The filters differ from one page to another, based on the type of promotions presented.

Tips: Make use of our filters, especially on the long lists we have, to not get overwhelmed.

How we review the best new casino sites?

Making a complex and definitive new online casino library takes time and effort from our team of experts.

Want to know how we make it?

We take every step that you take and a little more. We analyse a site based on the industry's average requirements and features.

Besides this, we take things further and investigate different sources based on different typologies such as journalists, economic and statistical reports to state the reality of this niche and help you understand better this domain. In case you want to know exactly how we review casino sites, we are transparent with you and put at your disposal our publishing policy.

How safe are new casinos in the US?

It depends on the new casino site. Nevertheless, we guarantee that at arepasandempanadasdistrict, you don’t need to worry about safety!

Playing in a safe and fair environment is vital for every gamer and also for us. Hence, we're going the extra mile to make sure you're offered that.

We've picked the best and most reliable casinos. Still, we thought you should know about what to avoid or pay attention to when looking for a new casino site:

  1. Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement of 40x on your bonus is relatively high. Keep in mind that you can find platforms with lower requirements and give them a try.

Can the turnover condition be better at new online casinos?

Honestly, it is not a rule. Each operator has the right to impose its own wagering requirement. Hence, you can find conditions that can be as low as 20x or as high as 60x.

  1. Licence

Make sure the US Gambling Commission licenses the casino you choose. This alone guarantees a safe experience.

  1. Security

Make sure your chosen website comes with SSL encryption. This software keeps all your data confidential, and you won't have to ever worry about it.

Be aware: Do not sign up on casinos that are not partnered with GAMSTOP or any other high esteemed safe gambling resources. Your security also relates to your health.

  1. Customer feedback

We advise you to read the feedback from other casino customers both on our comment section and on other websites. However, take everything with a grain of salt, as one player’s experience is also influenced by their choices. Still, if you find more players with similar complaints, it may actually mean the casino has an issue in the area touched by the complaints.

  1. Contacting the casino

In case you encounter the issue, you should be able to find an e-mail address or a telephone number. If you cannot find these, it should be considered a red flag.

How do new online casinos protect your money?

All the newest online casinos that work under the licence granted by the USGC are obliged to ensure that your funds are kept in a separate account from the company’s funds.

Therefore, it has the highest level of protection.

Do you wish to know more details about this aspect?

We’ve got your back!

Our team of specialists have done thorough research and created the ultimate in-depth guide regarding all the things you need to know about USGC.

Latest gambling news

Latest gambling news

It’s not enough to know how to compare and get the best casino site. You must also be up-to-date with the recent gambling changes.

There have been many changes in the previous years regarding this niche, all to ensure punters safety.

So, let’s dive right in:

  • Banning gambling on credit cards

According to US Finance, in a report made in 2018, approximately 800,000 punters choose to gamble on credit cards. Besides this, other researches have been made from which it has been concluded that almost 22% of online clients are problem gamblers, which is quite a high number.

Therefore, to ensure the United States customer's safety, USGC has implemented in April 2020 a new rule where all credit cards are banned. We can safely say that this new change adds a new layer of protection to vulnerable players and the ones that keep this activity in the entertainment zone.

  • Prevent reverse withdrawal

This is another change made by the USGC.

Usually, casino operators put at their user's disposal this facility so that they can reverse the withdrawal request, have their funds returned and prolong their session.

Do you ever think about how this facility could affect you?

At first, you might think that there is no harm. However, we beg to differ. Indeed you could reverse your funds and keep on your gambling activity. All is good as you keep it under control.

However, most of the times, this is not true. Without taking a break, you eventually spend more. Which gradually turns into a gambling problem.

Therefore, by preventing reverse withdrawals, the USGC also prevents this red flag for new problem gamblers.

How do the statistics look?

The impressive number of brand-new online casinos might seem overwhelming for some. As a result, we scouted for safe and entertaining options.

Industry GGY by sector

Interesting fact:

  1. In December 2018, the Gambling Commission's statistics showed that the online sector of gambling had a 3% increase from March 2017.
  2. The online slots alone increased by 3% from the previous year with a GGY of $2 billion from April 2017 to March 2018.

Why play in the newest online casinos?

Considering that 41% of all casino operators have their head office in the US, we can easily say that the Brits have a taste for gambling activities. 69.1% of them enjoy slots, and 14.5% enjoy card games.

New versus established casinos

When comparing a well-established casino and a new one, a lot of aspects are in the spotlight. To save you some time, we put some aspects one by the other in the following table.

New online casinos 2021Established online casinos
Newly released gamesEmblematic games
Cutting edge encryptionTraditional safety measures
All users are accepted in the VIP clubRigid VIP club rules
New casino environmentKnown lobby

Why play at a new online casino?

7 Pros & 4 Cons of new casino sites

There are good and bad sides to everything, including playing at a new online casino in the United States. While the novelty is an advantage in itself, not having enough feedback from other players yet might be a problem for some players. Let’s see which are the pros and the cons of new casino sites so you can see for yourself if these are what you are looking for!

PRO aspects of new online casino sites

What do the brand-new US casinos offer you?

Legitimately, you might be wondering what aspects make up a top new casino site. We have grouped some essentials in the next lines.

Interesting fact: The total gambling remote sector GGY of $5.4 billion is the biggest in the entire industry.

  1. Latest technology

Brand-new gaming websites work better and faster through reliable encryptions. They also offer real-time communication with the support team and Live Casino croupiers. These together created an experience many veteran platforms cannot fully match.

  1. HTML5

Some old platforms may be running slowly and errors because they lack the HTML5 technology. The newest ones are created with it from the start. It offers a better user interface while also making the website load faster on any device, be it desktop or mobile.

In addition to all this, it allows the operator to offer games with higher-quality graphics.

  1. Innovative features

From wager races to prize draws and tournaments, these fresh gaming platforms thought of everything. They offer a truly dynamic experience filled with challenges and fun things to do even after you’re done playing.

  1. Generous promotions

A new site usually offers online casinos bonus codes, more generous compared to the already existing ones.

Why does that happen?

These sites try to make more players migrate from an established platform to the newly launched one. This way, they attract customers and try to build customer loyalty.

Do new online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

Do new online casinos offer no deposit bonuses

Yes, some do as a starting incentive for new users. You can check out each individual casino offer range from this page or check out our curated no deposit casino bonuses.


  1. Latest games

 In order to be in the gamblers’ top preferences, gambling websites collaborate with the best and most famous software developers. With the proper technology on point, they're able to offer the newest titles.

What kind of options are there?

3D and HD games, modern graphics and unique gameplays are what they have in store, and we know you can find something you love in those options.

What do players like?

After our research, we have discovered that Brits look for new online casino slots, amongst the top preferences. Thus, we have put together a mini list of great new online casino slot games from fresh platforms.

  1. Pokerstars – 150 spins with no wagering;
  2. Casino 2020 – 400 spins on Cleopatra’s Prizes;
  3. Jackpot Village Casino – 105 spins on three different games;
  4. Cashmo – 100 spins on Intouch Games.

We also noticed that people are on the lookout for live dealer tables. Check out new live casinos from arepasandempanadasdistrict at any time.

  1. A flexible and rewarding VIP programme

Many established casinos only offer these to existing players after a certain number of bets made or a certain amount of money wagered. On the opposing side, new online casinos 2021 make every customer part of the VIP programme.

How do they do that?

They give new users the starting level and the opportunity to climb to the top ones faster. This also makes your sessions exciting.

In addition, there are extra perks and even special real-life events you can get invited to. Some of these loyalty schemes were created to resemble a game so you will have even more fun as you level up.

Tips: Loyalty schemes are crucial for both old customers and newcomers of a gaming platform.

  1. Dedicated mobile app

Dedicated mobile app

Many of the newest platforms not only offer a mobile-friendly interface but also come with dedicated mobile apps.

These apps can be downloaded either from the specific store such as Google Play and the App Store, or directly from the casino site. Both options are trustworthy and when both are available, it is up to you which one you prefer. You will get the same app and have the same benefits regardless of which source you pick.

Why is that an advantage?

According to the market analysis done by the United States Gambling Commission, 50% of punters use their smartphones to gamble at least once every few weeks.


Interesting fact: All the games they come with are fully optimised for mobile play regardless of the operating system you use.

Can new US online casinos be trusted?

As long as they have the United States Gambling Commission seal of approval, they are safe gambling spaces. To check if your pick has one or not, you can try looking at the footer or the terms and conditions.

CON aspects of new online casino sites 2021

It is not always the case that a new casino performs well overall its aspects. We have illustrated some usual instances in which problems may arise.

  1. Functionality issues

You might experience problems loading a game or even interruptions during gameplay. Errors while trying to make a deposit or withdrawal could also appear.

Tips: Skip the testing part of a new US casino by picking a place from our page, as all options have already been tested and reviewed.

  1. Lower cashout limits

Lower cashout limits

You might not be happy with the low cashout limit imposed by some of the industry's newer names, so this constitutes a disadvantage.

However, not all new gambling sites have low paying margins. It all depends from platform to platform and what they state in their terms.

Recommendation: It may be the case that the cash-out caps differ from one service to another.


  1. Few software providers

And few games implicitly

A new casino may not be the best place if you are looking for specific games or simply for a vast collection of titles from the best providers.

The newly launched operators might come with in-house games and products created by not so well-known developers. They will probably not have the most significant game collection you’ve seen.

  1. Few player opinions

We always encourage players to do their own research, especially from other's experiences. However, it would be difficult to do that if the casino is new and punters are just now getting acquainted with it.

Tips: If player reviews are scarce, read the arepasandempanadasdistrict new online casino reviews for any of your issues.

There are many reasons to go for a fresh platform, but they’re not perfect either. Just as the already established ones, these also have both good and bad aspects.

We believe you should know a fair amount about them before you make your choice, so you know what you're getting yourself into.

Keep up with our new casino library

We know it’s hard to look for fresh sites in the industry. But that’s where we come to your aid. We have the knowledge, the means, and experts. Best compare the latest trends in this niche with us!

We add constantly brand new online casinos in our database that are worth checking out. Each thoroughly analysed and reviewed to ensure a smooth session.

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