Top 33 US Casinos that Accept Bitcoin → [Complete list 2021]


Using our 5-year-old expertise, we have provided you with this page where we explained how crypto casinos work, in a simple and efficient manner. Here you will find how bitcoin casinos US work, how to select a proper offer and how to cleverly gamble on thems. Let’s proceed!

  1. How does a Bitcoin casino work?

  2. Bitcoin casinos: 6 safety pro-tips

  3. PROs and CONs of online Bitcoin casinos

  4. Bitcoins as casino funds

  5. Bitcoin casino play: make a deposit and claiming a bonus

  6. Bitcoin funds withdrawals

  7. Bitcoin: telling its story briefly

  8. Best Bitcoin online casinos: conclusion

  9. References: consulted sources

How does a Bitcoin casino work?

Bitcoin casinos work the same as any other in the industry, with the sole main difference of allowing you to pay using cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular. Of course, this comes with extra perks such as more safety and anonymity for you when making transactions and less waiting time, since they are almost instant.

Such casinos often come with special Bitcoin bonuses and our experts have put together a list of only the top ones in the United States’s online gambling industry.

How does a Bitcoin casino work

By reading this section, you will have access to knowledge of:

  • Bitcoin-related fees;
  • Processing times for your payments;
  • The legal status of crypto money mining and usage in the United States.

Tips: Players need to always consult the casinos' terms of use, as Bitcoin trade is not universally regulated. Each platform works by unique rules.

Do you have to pay fees?

Bitcoin casino transactions do not come with any fees, but online casinos have the right to impose their own fees. Not all of them do that, but it is also not uncommon. If a gambling platform does come with fees, they are usually not too high.

That is why it is always utterly important to read the Terms and Conditions and find out about everything the casino asks and expects from you. If you do not agree with those or find them unfair, do not sign up and deposit on that platform!

Tips: You do not have to read the terms in order. Read what interests you first, then the rest.

Is Bitcoin legal in the United States

Is Bitcoin legal in the United States?

At the moment when we were writing this page, Bitcoin was allowed non-restrictively in the United States. Even though it is rare for this status to change rapidly, we will keep you updated when a change comes.

Interesting fact: To avoid inflation, there cannot be more than approximately 21 million Bitcoins active at the same time. Even so, mining for new ones still happens.

How much do transactions take?

Making a deposit using cryptocurrency is instant and you will be able to start having fun and enjoying your favourite games in the blink of an eye. The same goes for withdrawals, but that is where another important factor comes into play – the cashout processing time. This represents the timeframe the casino staff needs to verify and approve your request.

This can take from a few hours to 2 days. However, Bitcoin casinos try their best to offer the quickest payments to attract more customers. 

Recommendation: Make your Bitcoin transaction after careful research, the market is quite volatile. The price of one coin can change very drastically from one year to another, or even month.

Bitcoin casinos 6 safety pro-tips

Bitcoin casinos: 6 safety pro-tips

It is simple to stay safe!

We have compiled a list of 6 things that will help you when gambling. The best bitcoin casinos online must have a few of these aspects, while the rest depends on your choice. We tackle licensing, partnered brands, reputation, people’s opinions (from experts to users) and encryption.

Read the details below:

1.     Licensing

Playing on licensed casinos only ensures the safety of your funds and personal information, as well as guarantees the fairness of the games you can play on the platform. There are many trustworthy licensing authorities, but our experts advise you to go for casino sites licensed and regulated by the United States Gambling Commission. This is one of the strictest authorities and their licenses are not easy to obtain.

Tips: Usually, sites list their partners at the footer of the front page or main pages. Check that space first!

2.     Partnered brands

Usually, top-notch game providers will do a scan before showcasing their product on a US Bitcoin online casino.

Thus, if you see games from NetEnt or Microgaming, for instance, that you help you understand more about the website as a whole.

The most important providers that have a crypto-friendly policy are:

  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Real Time Gaming
  • Play N GO

3.     Reputation

While new platforms can bring you a lot of fun and safety as well, the already established ones allow you to do more research on them. That way, you can find out about other players’ experience with the site and judge for yourself if they are worth your time and hard-earned money.

If you see articles about them, their revenues, their teams, their business moves, you know that they most likely are fair to their customers.

4.     Expert reviews

Our team of experts at arepasandempanadasdistrict offers you objective and comprehensive casino reviews to help you navigate the United States online gambling market and choose the best platform for you. Our experts have years of experience, are passionate gamblers, and each is specialized on a particular aspect of gambling, allowing them to put everything in perspective and compare each casino to the industry’s baseline.

Our texts are updated continuously as news comes to us. 

5.     Player opinions

To know more about Bitcoin casino sites, you can talk to other players and share experiences. Every casino on our list has a bonus code page. At the end of it, players can use our comment section and interact.

6.     Safe connections

Make sure your internet connection, data, Wi-Fi, or cable is safe. You can also check the site’s strategies, by looking if the URL bar has the lock icon next to it.

PROs and CONs of online Bitcoin casinos

PROs and CONs of online Bitcoin casinos

Here is a side by side comparison of the issue, which you can use at any time.

PRO aspects

  1. They give you a high amount of anonymity with your transactions, as compared to other payment services;
  2. Processing the in and out payments is a speedy process;
  3. New Bitcoin casinos rely on the blockchain technologies, keeping your funds safe;
  4. They are mobile-friendly, as wagering can be done on Bitcoin gambling apps.

CON characteristics

  1. Bitcoins can only be exchanged only in certain virtual aspects;
  2. Not all casinos in the US accept crypto options;
  3. The value of them is much more unpredictable.

Bitcoins as casino funds

Can you use Bitcoin on US casinos?

Yes, you can.

Many USGC-licensed platforms allow you to do so. Compared to GBP, you might find fewer options. But there is no need for worry, as we have done the scouting for you.

Keep in mind, however, that you will need a different approach.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is preferred by many gamers thanks to the anonymity it provides during online transactions. You do not have to provide personal information over the internet and risk having it intercepted by hackers or scammers. While this does not happen often thanks to online casinos’ security measures, some gamers still prefer to gamble with Bitcoin since verifications take less time than when using a credit or debit card, for example.

If this is what you need, read on to find how to stay protected while gambling.

Now that we settled the general issue, we will go deeper into how to proceed with your Bitcoin wallet when you gamble online. In the next line, we show you a guide of depositing and how to use Bitcoin bonuses.

Bitcoin casino play: make a deposit and claiming a bonus

The two phases that matter

Using these options for your gambling is indeed efficient, secure, and worthy. But, unlike GBP accounts, not all of us have bitcoins laying around.

Bitcoin casino play make a deposit and claiming a bonus

Use this section to know more about:

  • The steps you have to perform before gambling;
  • How to handle your casino deposit;
  • What kind of bonuses you’re most likely to see.

Pre-gambling approach

To be able to fund your account, you need to have Bitcoin in your possession. How do you do that?

There are Internet places that help you buy Bitcoin in exchange for another currency, just like you would when you want to buy EUR for GPB, for instance. Places like Bitstamp and Bitfinex can be your starting point.

After your purchase, your virtual money will be store in the Cloud of your hard-drive or a commonly shared one, depending on your choice. This is now your Bitcoin wallet.

Gambling starts soon

As soon as you log in, you can go straight to the cashier and make your deposit. Click the “payments” or “deposit” button and pick a currency. In this case, it will be Bitcoin. Then, you will have to enter your unique Bitcoin key which is a code without which the transaction cannot be completed.

It does not end here! We know that you are on the look out for an offer, payed in Bitcoins. See the most popular options below.

Bitcoin casino bonuses

The casinos that accept Bitcoin will most probably create personalized offers. We have given you some options that you can find easily in our list.

Welcome bonus

You can enjoy welcome bonuses when gambling with Bitcoin and this is one of the most lucrative promotions for newly registered customers. You can pick one standalone bonus or a package that offers you more than one deal for consecutive payments.

For these, as for other deals of any type, we recommend you to pay close attention to the Bonus Rules and see how to properly use them to be able to cash out from them when you wish.

Spin offers

These are slots-oriented offers. They might come up by themselves or as part of a package deal. Dozens of spins may be given to you at once. It all depends on what offer you pick from our Bitcoin casino list.

Refer a friend

In case you invite your friends to your chose casino, you may be rewarded with a special offer. That is why we recommend you trying it out and spreading the joy of Bitcoin gambling with your close ones.

When engaging in Bitcoin casino bonuses, make sure to figure out the necessary wagering you have to do. No wagering offers are rarer compared to the rest. If the policies state a certain sum for your rollover, you need to complete it before cashing out.

Speaking of cashing out! Do you know how to do it?

Bitcoin funds withdrawals

Bitcoin funds withdrawals

When you decide to cash out funds, the process is not much different than if you would use any currency. You have to be logged into your account and go to the cashier again. This time, you select the withdrawal section and choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

Since this is a Bitcoin transaction, you must introduce your Bitcoin wallet code. As you can see, the steps are pretty similar to the way to make deposits.

This may, however, take longer than a deposit because the transaction has to be approved by the casino staff first.


  1. These requests have to be processed. Nonetheless, they should not take more than one day.
  2. If you have a bonus still pending, do not request a withdrawal, as you might lose your bonus funds.

Recommendation: New Bitcoin casinos are added periodically on this page. Bookmark us to see updates easier.

Bitcoin: telling its story briefly

Bitcoins are entirely digital money that is not backed up by any national or local authorities, or by any bunk funds. Transactions with them are done in particular virtual marketplaces where traders either buy or sell them.

They are stored in cloud-like software, and a massive blockchain of nodes and computers ensure the safety of transactions and keeps the ends safe and anonymous.

Interesting fact:

  1. Bitcoin became public after the housing market crash of 2009, which was a direct consequence of the 2008 stock market crash.
  2. Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that can be used to fund your gambling sessions.
  3. The inventor of Bitcoin is still unknown. The technology was linked to Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is no official information about its creator.

How does Bitcoin keep transparency?

Once you visit the marketplace, you can see all the transactions happening in real-time. Thus, it makes it impossible for bad actors to perform any suspicious activity or falsely change the value by buying or selling chaotically. This is why Bitcoin is an open source-operation.

A Bitcoin timeline

A Bitcoin timeline

From 2009 to the present

We believe that you will understand and feel more familiar with this option if you know more details about its story. Please focus on the table below for more information.


The domain is bought, and news of its upcoming appearance is posted on crypto forums.


The first bitcoins were mined, and the news is shared on The Cryptography Mailing list.


It is the first rise of the price; a full coin costs around $700 this year.


A strong vulnerability is discovered and resolved; China bans crypto mining.


The account registered for Bitcoin skyrocket 83% from the previous year.

Please note that this table is just a summary of the most notable elements. If you are curious to read more, you can reach below to our references. The sites we have consulted have tons of info.

Recommendation: The transactions become safer by the year. This is an advantage for the top bitcoin casino users and the safety of their funds.

Best Bitcoin online casinos: conclusion

We hope that our analysis and guidance has helped you understand crypto gambling better. The topics that we have discussed above, are resumed in the list below:

  • Defining Bitcoin;
  • Resuming their history;
  • How to make sure the casino is safe;
  • How to use Bitcoin as casino funds;
  • Making payments and withdrawing funds;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin.

Use and revisit our page for a definition and history of Bitcoin, the status in the Kingdom, and a whole bunch of casino-related information. We tell you what a Bitcoin casino is, how they work and how you should proceed with your transfers.

References: consulted sources

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