What Brits play according to region


United States people are avid punters, that’s for sure! Yet, there are many forms of gambling that spark their interest. Believe it or not, these gaming preferences differ according to region. Although they are part of the same country, each territory has its particularities.  Let’s find out what these are!

Gambling patterns across the country

Gambling patterns

With a century-long history, gambling remains one of the most popular recreational activities in the US. It started with horse racing almost 500 years ago, and it developed many other forms like lotteries, casino games and bingo. Nowadays, we are not only talking about land-based gambling but also online gambling. There are thousands of options available on the market, tailored to each player’s taste. But why do they differ according to the region? Come along to explore that!

Common betting behaviours

Before analysing every region separately, we must first understand the bigger picture by exploring the overall gambling attitudes and behaviours. The ‘Gambling participation in 2018’ survey, conducted by the USGC, showed that 46% of adults participate in at least one gambling activity over a period of four weeks. Moreover, a whopping 52% gambles at least once a week.

When it comes to demographics, middle-aged individuals (45-64 years old) seem to be the most active in this field. And in terms of the activities they engage in, it looks like the National Lottery is a top favourite, followed by sports betting, slot machines, bingo and casino games (e.g. Poker, Blackjack, Roulette etc.). What’s also interesting is that the younger population (18-24 years old) prefers the online environment over regular gambling. On average, these bettors have three accounts with online gambling operators. Quite surprising, right?

Why do Brits gamble?

The same USGC research uncovered a few reasons why Brits gamble. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Almost 45% of them said that they strike for victory when playing;
  2. 29% stated that they play solely for relaxation purposes or as a hobby;
  3. There are also people who view gambling as a social activity.

So, it is fair to say that this widely spread phenomenon plays an important part in the country’s popular culture. And, of course, like any other social aspect, gambling behaviours and preferences vary according to each US region.

Follow us to see what US players like to bet on!

UK players gambling behaviours

What do US and Welsh punters prefer?

It is quite expected that England has the largest number of active punters in the country. A USGC research found that 65% of US adults engage in betting activities regularly. And there is no doubt about that, considering the high volume of land-based casinos, betting shops and bingo halls.

When referring to all gambling activities, scratchcards and the lottery hold the top places in England. However, in terms of games, slots win the popularity crown. Players are not only drawn to traditional slot machines but also to online slots.

Why is that?

Well, due to the high competitivity in the industry, online casinos are doing their best to gain new customers and retain existing ones through a variety of methods, such as bonuses. These special promotions tailored to slots allow players to try out new platforms and games.

Sports betting takes the lead

Sport Betting

In Wales, at the other end of the map, we have a different story. Although the population is significantly smaller (3.15m compared to 56.29m in England), over 50% of it has been reported to gamble. The Welsh people are huge sports enthusiasts and naturally more inclined towards sports betting. They enjoy placing wagers on rugby, soccer, tennis or horse-racing events. Yet, they don’t hold back from slots, or National Lottery draws either.

Common gambling types in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Common gambling types in Scotland and Northern Ireland

As we move up north, we start to notice significant differences amongst gambling patterns. Unlike the Welsh, Scottish citizens are not so keen on outdoor activities and sports betting. This might be due to the harsh weather in those areas, or perhaps it has more to do with their practical and analytical spirits.

The Scots beat the gambling record nationwide, with more than 68% of the population participating in recreational gambling activities. They are also known to be excellent strategists who will accept any challenge.

Therefore, there is no wonder why they prefer table games. Out of those, Blackjack and Poker seem to be the most popular. And because land-based casinos are starting to fade away, players are now gravitating around their online substitutes, experimenting with multiple game versions.

Online casinos provide an array of offers designed for regular and live Blackjack so that Scottish players can keep improving their strategies in this field.

Is Bingo the new thing for Irish punters?  

After Scotland comes Northern Ireland, where 67% of the population gambles at least once a year. Here, there also seems to be a change in demographics, as most punters are aged between 25 and 44. And when it comes to gambling categories, the attention is divided between sports betting, lottery and slots.

Still, something unusual compared to the other regions is the fact that bingo comes right after slots in the Irish gamblers’ preferences. In the search for an explanation, we can say that the numerous bingo sites that have recently launched on the market might be responsible for the game’s increase in popularity.

Are things different in terms of online gambling?

It is no secret that online gambling sites have taken over the industry and are soon to outnumber land-based casinos. The number of bingo halls and betting shops has already decreased, with more facilities closing down every year.

Moreover, according to the BBC, the majority of revenues in the gambling industry come from the online sector. Naturally, this leads us to believe that United States players’ preferences are also shifting in that direction.

How to recognise a top casino?

Unlike physical betting facilities, online casinos are not divided into categories. It’s true! You can encounter sites that are specially designed for bingo or slots. But that doesn’t mean they lack other gaming alternatives. When it comes to these platforms, it doesn’t matter which region you are coming from. The same services are available to all US players.

However, finding the website that is right for you might take some time. To make sure that you join a top-notch online casino, you have to take into account several aspects, such as the game variety, website interface, payment methods and customer support. Luckily, our site provides all the information you need in order to make the best decision possible. After carefully analysing everything, you can even claim a bonus to help you get accustomed to the platform and try out several games.

Know your limits

Know your gambling limits

We know that the variety of online options might charm you right from the start. However, it’s very important to know your limits while betting online and control your spending, as well as your playing time. To make sure that you gamble in a safe environment, we suggest playing only at licensed casinos, which offer multiple responsible gaming tools. Through these means, you will be able to avoid gambling addiction.

When all is said and done

As we’ve seen before, the gambling environment has changed drastically and will continue to do so in the future. Although there are regions in which some betting activities are preferred over others, you shouldn’t stick to stereotypes! No matter where you are from, you can try out whatever game you want. We are here to list some facts and give you useful advice, but only you know what suits you.