VR Technology Changing the Online Casino Industry


Virtual reality is transforming online casinos. VR casinos are using this latest technology to offer players more interactive and immersive experiences. Let us show you the impact it can have on these iGaming sites. Shall we begin?

What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or for short VR involves creating an entirely computer-generated environment, where the user is immersed inside a virtual world. When the user puts on the VR headset, they are taken into a simulated set-up, making them unaware of their actual surroundings.

Users get to experience realistic feelings from the stimulated artificial environment. Unlike the standard user interfaces that allow users to view the screen only, users now get to be part of the experience thanks to VR.

Everyone can now be able to get inside and interact with a world made out of 3 dimensions that can simulate the real world or even create a completely different world.

Did you know that virtual reality comes in three categories?

These are:

  • Non-immersive

The experiences of non-immersive virtual reality are utilized in everyday life. This next-generation technology offers an environment that is completely computer generated but at the same time allows users to stay alert and in control of the physical environment around them.

This type relies on a video game console or a computer, input devices such as keyboards, controllers and mice.

  • Semi-immersive

This type of virtual reality provides users with a partially virtual environment. It still gives users the vision of being in a different reality. Yet, at the same time, users stay aware of their physical surroundings. It provides a reality through 3D graphics.

Furthermore, it relies heavily on powerful computers, hard simulators or projectors and high-resolution displays.

  • Fully-immersive

This simulation gives users an experience that is more realistic and comes complete with sound and sight. To experience this type of technology, users will have to use the right VR glasses. By using VR headsets, users get to experience content in high resolution in a broad view. It splits between the eyes of the gamer and in the process creating an incredible stereoscopic 3D effect. By using input tracking, it establishes believable experiences.

How does virtual reality work?

Basic concept VR

The basic concept behind VR is creating or simulating the vision. It aims at perfecting their ability to create an immersive 3D environment. All VR headsets set up a screen on each eye or both, which helps to eliminate any interactions with the actual world.

What are virtual reality casinos?

Virtual reality casinos

There are two varieties of such casinos:

  • Entertainment casinos;
  • Real money casinos.

In real money casinos, gamers play intending to win cash. In contrast, in entertainment casinos, gamers entertain themselves with slots, card games or roulette wheel with no hopes of rewards for their efforts.

How does VR work in online casinos?

With technology constantly advancing, gaming platforms are now elevating towards 3D. Through this technology, VR casinos give gamers a real-life gaming adventure they wish to experience. With a compatible iGaming platform and a VR headset, plays can feel an interactive casino experience similar to that in a traditional casino centre.

Below is a list of some 3D game tables that have features like interacting with a live dealer and other players:

  • In-Game chats

On this game, players can hang out in a lounge and talk with other players from around the world or even share a drink at the bar. Through VR technology, close to real experiences are now achievable. For instance, smoking in the middle of the game and lighting a cigarette.

  • SlotsMillion

This platform has the best representation of virtual reality casinos. Card game lovers will not enjoy this platform because it has a game room. There are also more than 40 slot machines. While enjoying your leisure time when not playing, you can a drink at the bar or relax at the lounge.

  • Casino VR poker

It features full-body players together with a straightforward interface. It includes spatial voice chatting. It also comes with six Texas Hold ’em poker tables. It runs well on Oculus Rift or Gear VR.

This gaming site is entertainment-only and provides players with free chips at the beginning of the game. However, these chips can’t be cashed as the site is only for entertainment purposes.

Suppose you want to try out an iGaming site which is considered best in this industry and provides its members with the latest trends in technology. For such cases, we’ve got you covered with an extensive list of the finest online casinos.

How does virtual reality influence the online casino industry?

Gaming on casino sites is changing due to VR technology and positively impacting the online gambling industry. Online casinos are now becoming immersive and interactive from the experience of gamers.

Social and online gaming platforms have been there for some time and have so many loyal customer bases. However, VR casinos are becoming the latest experience as they reduce customer bases of other social and online gaming platforms.

VR casinos vs Land-based casinos

The chances of players improving their balance account in casino games are approximately the same in virtual reality casinos and land-based casinos. Whether you are playing in a VR casino or land-based casino, roulette games are games of roulette, and the change in odds is not that big.

Although the odds change between variants, and you use the same strategy, if you are playing in a VR casino or land-based casino, the difference is very little. Maybe the only thing that can increase your chances in a VR casino is the bonuses they provide.

For instance, deposit bonuses and VR slots are highly available online. Land-based casinos will not likely get you anything if you are not a high-roller. VR bonuses are the best, but they all come with their terms and conditions. It will be up to you to make up your mind on whether it’s useful or just an obstacle.

When playing land-based casinos, the costs may be higher starting from travelling to the venue and from the venue, food and drinks. Playing the games themselves also means other costs and possibly staying in hotel rooms if you are on vacation.

While playing VR casinos, the only costs you will incur are the headset cost, data glove, which is not a must-have and paying for the games you are playing.